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DSAGC Dance Scene fro PSA

The Down Syndrome Association of Greater Charlotte has created our first Public Service Announcement (PSA) which played in movie theaters during the month of September 2013. The purpose of this short PSA is to show individuals with Down syndrome in inclusive settings in all walks of life. There is also an invitation at the end, inviting viewers to come join us at the Buddy Walk. The PSA is narrated by Johnny Isley ("John Boy" from John Boy and Billy's Big Show) and features Johnny's son, Matty, who has Down syndrome.
LEC Media donated their time and talents to the DSAGC to create not only the 30 second spot that will be played in theaters, but additional videos as well. Thank you to Frank Schwartz and the whole LEC Media team! As the rest of the videos become available, you will be able to find them on our website or by going to YouTube and searching "Down Syndrome Association of Greater Charlotte".
The completed PSA can be viewed by clicking this link to YouTube and some behind-the-scenes pictures from the photo shoots can be viewed by clicking this link to Shutterfly.

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